Romance Travel

Every day can be perfect for showing your love, and why not to prepare a trip to one of the most romantic destinations in the world? A unique holiday and vows of eternal love in the most unusual places on the planet. Find out about some of our proposals in this infographic:


Easter Island


What to do: See the sunset beside the Lone Moai in Hanga Roa. 
Why it’s romantic: Seeing giant statues doesn´t seem too much of a romantic plan … But think about it: it’s one of the most isolated parts of the world with views of the Pacific and an unforgettable sunset…
Degree of Romanticism: 2 

When to Go: Perfect for a couple wanting to travel and see the world. 
How to manifest your love: offering him/her a Moai statue in miniature, so that this trip will linger on the mind of your beloved one. 


Ushuaia, Argentina


What to do: Go to the lighthouse “Fin del Mundo” and feel that there is nothing else but the two of you. 
Why it’s romantic: It’s located at the end of the world (the most southerly city in the world): “Ushuaia, end of the world, beginning of everything.” 
Degree of Romanticism: 5 
When to go: When you are prepared to go together to the end of the world … 
How to manifest your love: Say “Te quiero!”


New York


What to do: To walk at Central Park is one of the most romantic programs you can do in New York. Ridding in a chariot pulled by horses, renting a boat and losing yourself in the romantic city of lakes, or going for a walk on the most picturesque bridges in the city. All these places have been witnesses to marriage proposals. 
Why it’s romantic: You will be surrounded by a bucolic environment, full of trees and unusual landscapes, where any image serves as an excuse to publicly demonstrate your love. 
Degree of Romanticism: 3 
When to go: One of the best times of year to visit this city is Autumn. The landscape in its warm colors, the leaves adorn the paths and all the corners seem straight out of a fairytale. 
How to manifest your love: Say “I love you!”




What to do: walk the 350 bridges in the city, admire the elegant buildings and their reflections in the water, enjoy the opulence of St Peter and be thrilled with the colors of the houses of Burano. And if you still have time, why not to follow in the footsteps of Casanova, exploring the places of his romantic adventures?
Why it’s romantic: A city that floats on water could only be synonymous with romance. Venice is eternal, timeless – like love – and its suspended beauty between dream and reality invites you to let yourself be seduced …
Degree of Romanticism: 5
When to go: When you want to declare your undying love …
How to manifest your love: on the Bridge of Sighs, with the setting of the sun, any sentence is poetry …





What to do: To stroll the narrow streets, breathing the atmosphere of the planet’s most bohemian neighborhood. Search flights to Paris at any time of the year. We are sure that the surprise will delight you …
Why it’s romantic: Paris is the city of love per excellence.
Degree of Romanticism: 3
When to go: At any time of the year.
How to manifest your love: “We’ll always have Paris”…




What to do: To book at least one night at the Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel, specifically the Delux Panoramic Pool Villa room. It will leave you speechless!
Why it’s romantic: Just look at the picture to get an idea. You will have the feeling of being alone in the world. There won’t be missing a detail on your most romantic evening ever.
Degree of Romanticism: 5
When to go: Why not to take the opportunity to propose to your future wife here?
How to manifest your love: Tell her “Saya Cinta Kamu”


Las vegas


What to do: To gamble in one of the casinos.
Why is romantic: It’s the city where you may get married the fastest.
Degree of Romanticism: 1
When to go: When you’re a little drunk …
How to manifest your love: In a hotel room, in the morning, never ever say the words “And you are?…”







What to do: To wake up next to a herd of elephants, with a snowy mountain in the background …
Why it’s romantic: You have the largest mountain in Africa as a witness of your love.
Degree of Romanticism: 2
When to go: When you want to go on an adventure …
How to manifest your love: Say to your lover “Ninapenda Wewe”




What to do: To explore the past by visiting the temples, feel the local culture in its lively street markets and predict the future admiring the incredible views from its huge skyscrapers.
Why it’s romantic: This exotic city never sleeps and never ceases to amaze. Taste the local flavors in street markets and in its fantastic restaurants. At the end of the day allow yourself to relax with a Thai massage. Only then you will be prepared for a romantic cruise on the Chao Phraya River.
Degree of Romanticism: 4
When to go: Whenever you want to combine a lively nightlife with an interesting cultural program.
How to manifest your love: Say to your lover “Phom Rak Khun” (to a woman); “Chan Rak Khun” (to a man)




What to do: To cuddle on one of the benches of the Foster Botanical Gardens.
Why is romantic: It has amazing beaches. Also, can you imagine yourself with a floral wreath on your head, while holding hands with your significant other?
Degree of Romanticism: 2
When to go: On your honeymoon, just like the movies.
How to manifest your love: Say “Aloha Au Ia’oe”